Personal Essay: The Characteristics Of My Personality

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I would like to believe that the characteristics I recorded accurately describe my personality. I tried to include positive and negative attributes to encompass my entire personality. First off, I think some of my defining positive characteristics are my humor, studiousness, and likability. These are three of the traits that I am most proud of in myself. Some of the more negative characteristics that I included were my tendencies to procrastinate, my awkwardness in social settings, and my periodic attempts to get attention. These are some of the more prominent characteristics that I am not the most proud of, but they still help to define who I am at this point in my life. Most of the other characteristics that I recorded fell into these categories,…show more content…
Some of the words revolved around one aspect of my personality, such as my humor. Characteristics regarding my humor were funny, entertaining, and amusing. Most of the words described my personality pretty well. For example, conscientious fits in with my studiousness. Sociable fits in with my likability, but that is also a bit surprising because I also see myself as fairly socially awkward. Some of the characteristics were words that I did not use to describe myself, but I agree with most of them, such as understanding, thoughtful, honest, genuine, and indecisive. I agree with these and do notice them in myself occasionally, but I would not say that they are my defining characteristics. The fact that people around me think that they are my defining characteristics is a little surprising. Next, there were several words that revolved around my positivity that I do not exactly agree with. These words included peppy, optimistic, bright, and bubbly. These are not terms that I would immediately associate with myself. I am not saying that I am always pessimistic, but I am also not eternally optimistic. It was quite shocking that 20% of my responses were about me being positive. The responses that I got were generally accurate and there were not any that I completely disagreed with, just some that I do not always see in

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