Personal Essay: The Definition Of The American Dream

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The American Dream The American dream has been hoped for centuries. The example is in the 80 's a large number of people left Europe. With a determination to achieve they dream, some of them saw their dream come true, but other did not. People think the American dream says that anything can happen if peoples work hard enough at it and are persistent, and have some ability. The American obtainable in their minds. The American dream has several definitions for many it can be money, but for other, it can be free from many things. The American dream is not a myth, because of its freedom, opportunities, and education. Freedom is one key aspect of the American way. Some people see the American dream as a way to seek for their personal freedom,…show more content…
Equality is a balance in our life. Even if some people dream bigger than others, people can be fairness sometimes, even if it 's not always for good reason, people sometimes want to be their dream and in their life. The American dream successful, to be master of our own destiny and to enjoy the freedom in its utmost expression. However, the American dream of equality has no direct or absolutely definition on its own. The idea of equality of society, in America everyone is equal, a value gain in our birth. Self-determination is a big key aspect of our life. Driving in our determination we can do almost everything. We all want something bigger, and more relative to our need. Our determination to accomplish our dream sometime can drive us to success, a place we would have dreamed about, and never want to go back from where you came from. The determination to support our community, help kids in the with school and food. The determination can also search for power. The American dream sometimes can also be defining power. The want of controlling almost everything in our path. The power of produce more job, more school, more hospital, and to provide more safety, for their kids, and them self. The power of being free, being able to do whatever people want to do. Power in the American dream allowing us to dream of a huge and successful life, and make it come
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