Personal Essay: The Effects Of PTSD On A Family

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As a child I never understood why dad was always so angry. Whether it was him becoming enraged over tiny things, such as hearing the noise a ball makes when it bounces, or not being able to drive with cars behind him. As a seven-year-old living on Mannheim Army Base, Germany in a small apartment with my mom, brother, and dad, I could not comprehend what was wrong. When my dad walked in the door at night after a long day of work he was not happy to see his family. He never played with us, or helped with our homework. Not once during my childhood was my dad there. He was rarely there physically, as he was deployed eight times while I was growing up. But more importantly he was not there emotionally.
It was not until I was 15-years-old and my dad had
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After thinking about the insufficient care being given to many suffering from this mental illness/disability, it was an easy decision. Being raised in a military community I have seen firsthand the impact PTSD has on a family and the effects it has on the individual. As a child of someone who suffers from PTSD I know how unbearable it is for many soldiers to return to everyday life post-deployment. Living with someone who has PTSD has caused me to think about every move I make. Whether it is waking my dad up in the morning, or not walking into a room without him knowing I am there. Anything someone does without caution can make him tick. This is what PTSD is, it is having your guard up at all times. My dad, along with many of his friends, has shown me the importance of working towards a better understanding of this disorder. Because of my background with this issue and many other factors, I have been inspired to become a nurse. I have grown up seeing the neglect that many soldiers have faced when struggling with PTSD and I am fascinated to see what changes I will be able to make pertaining to this
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