Personal Essay: The Five Characteristics Of A Person

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When I think of my future I think of getting married and having a family. This means that I will have to find someone that I’m interested in. The five traits that I will look for in someone will be kind hearted. This is a big thing because I need someone that will be nice to me and treat my kids politely. In some cases I get very overwhelmed. A great trait to keep things balanced would be for them to be patient. I love people with a good sense of humour because I like to laugh so that is one trait that I will definitely look for in someone. I am not always neat and clean so I need to find someone that is organized and neat and will clean things up when I need help. Looks aren’t everything to me but it would be nice if I was attracted to them. If other people do not find him attractive than that’s alright…show more content…
This is exactly what I thought she would say. The second thing she said was faith filled. She also said good sense of humor. She loves to laugh so that would have to be a must. She knows that I will want kids and she will still want to be apart of my life when I grow old so she wants them to be family oriented. Another thing she is looking for is someone that is industrious. These were all similar things to what I expected her to say. My dad had a very similar list also. First he said kind. He wants them to be friendly too. I know they want my significant other to be kind and friendly because those two things can get you far in life. We have a big family so everyone needs to be friendly with each other. That is a good trait to have. Ambitious was a trait my father said. I know they want me to have someone that will be support me and secure a nice family and home for me. While I was asking my father the last two things are important to me too. He said that they need to like me for the way I am and also have to have similar interest as

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