Personal Essay: The Impact Of My Knee Surgery

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Sometimes life can be unpredictable. Earlier today, I was walking in the park with my husband and stepped into a banana peel and fell. As a result, my right leg has a fracture and needs a surgery. I am sitting by myself in my hospital bed and thinking about the surgery, I am about to have. I wonder how I am going to manage myself in this situation. I am concern the impact this will have on my life, my future career, and my freedom. Having this surgery will affect myself from doing different activities at school and at home. I am a mother and a full time nursing student, it will be very difficult for me to stay home, or in the hospital not doing anything. It will be very tough to go to school by myself since I have a major knee surgery, I do…show more content…
Being depends on others is challenging. For instance, on Friday’s I usually go to the grocery store to pick up some foods for my daughter and my family and then do laundry and other stuff in the house. However, the surgery will limit my performance and will make me depend on my husband and other family members. The surgery could impact my social life. Due to the physical changes that I might go to have, the way people perceive me might be different. I remember one of my cousins saying that she stopped hanging out with one of her best friends because she had a car accident and lost one of her legs. This made feel my best friends might not want to hang out with me. My community could change their attitude towards me due to the physical change that I might have. Not doing all the fun activities I use to do with my family will be strict. My family might going limit things they used to do with me. The surgery will also have a financial impact on my family. Even though I do not have a job which supports my family directly, I do all the house works by myself, which usually help my family to save a huge amount of money. But, this surgery will cause me to hire a babysitter even a maid, which will cost more
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