Personal Essay: The Life Of A Girl Named Anjana

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The life of a kid named Anjana This story was written in her perspective I am a girl named Anjana . I am a really nice kid . I always treated people nicely . when I was in Grade 1 , everything turned upside down . In kindergarten I barely studied so in grade 1, I struggled . I was scared to ask for help . my mother said “Hi anjana , how was your day?”. I’m fine . My friends started teasing me for what i wore . Everyday was the worst day of my life . I felt insecure until one day I went to a tree . I hung around that tree and considered that tree as my best friend . I hung around that tree for three years until I met a couple of friends. One day those friends moved . I was really depressed . I started to do really bad in academics in school . everyday I hung by the tree hoping someone will hangout with me. No one showed up. “I always felt lonely oh god please help me.” One day a kid named Dylan came and he and I became really good friends. They were really nice to each other . At the end of the year when summer came by he went to on vacation to Cuba . I was wondering why he never told me . She went to Dylan “ why didn’t you tell me” I asked “I never knew how to tell you i got scared because I thought you will be really upset” Dylan replied . I would of knew …show more content…

I was supposed to run through all that snow. So I ran my fastest and hid somewhere no one knew where i was until a predator caught me. I had snow in my foot and I had a frost bite. I got lost on the way back i started to scream. I also started to cry because i got really scared . we left home the next day. Before we went we watched a movie called Mr. Popper's penguins. We made our kearney experience videos. The next day , when it was snowing we came back from Kearney . When i saw my parents i hugged them so much and said I missed you alot mom . i missed you alot too replied mom . when I came i took a shower and ate

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