The Power Of Human Cats Essay

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The power of human cats is so great and enormous, to the extent that if checks and balances are not put to it, breaking of laws and disorderliness could always occur, and because there are laws and checks, this is the reason why everyone is careful not to misbehave in the society. A human cat can go jail, if he or she misbehaves by committing crimes but if he or she is a big cat, big in the sense that he or she is or was, a president, or a governor, or a family member of presidents or governors, then he or she may be above the law and does not go jail, this is the reason why other lesser human cats should be cautious, in dealing with any situation. Sometimes some rude human cats lose their lives in action unknowingly because they do certain criminal activities just for the reason that others too have been doing them. Cats that are not strong enough should not copy the bad behaviours of the other cats otherwise they ends up in jail. For instance, a president is importing illegal things and because
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It is the governor that signs the bills into laws and there are checks and balances and no one can take the law into his hands. But when a clause or a part of the states law contradicts that of the federal law, the federal law is used because the constitution stated so. The governor, also in his state is above the law because he is the LAW there, but in practice, if he is not in good terms with his president, his president can pull his legs, if he commits, crimes with capital punishments, by taking him to the highest court of the land which is the supreme court and if there is immunity on his position, he as a governor, only pays fines, If found guilty, he does not go to jail. But the leader had tarnished the image of the governor by even taking him to the court to make the people to know about all the atrocities he had
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