Personal Essay: The Sport Of Cheerleading

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Cheerleading is a sport that includes assemble both cheers and chants to become a whole. Many individuals have categorized cheerleading as a sport that is done by mostly people of a caucasian descent. A few years ago minorities and other ethnicities have gathered together and created a stomp and shake way of cheerleading. This way of cheerleading allows cheerleaders to express themselves without the traditional cheer smile. Stomp and Shakes comes with both showmanship and character which makes a cheerleader unique. In my words, cheerleading is more than just a sport where you can yell and cheer for your basketball or football team. Cheerleading is an escape from reality where you do not have to worry about being “too loud” or doing “too much”. Just the sound of shaking my pom poms and yelling for a victory of the field or on the court gives me a feeling of liberation. Cheerleading gives me the opportunity to be myself and to not be judged based on the things i do because i know that both my teammates and coaches are there to help me. My purpose of being a Phillip O Berry Cheerleader is to inspire the african american community to get up and go out for whatever things they want to achieve in life. The kids in both middle school and elementary school look up to high school cheerleaders and that's a big honor and responsibility to manage. If i make the 2017-2018 varsity team i plan to offer the…show more content…
A team is not a team without respect and dedication. It is very vital for each cheerleader to respect each other to the highest because you will never know when you may need your fellow cheermate to send you a video of a cheer you didn't understand, or even use a pair of their cheer socks. A car can not run without gas and maintenance just like how a cheerleading team can not be successful without teamwork, respect and
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