Personal Essay: The Story Of My Social Life

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The Story of My Social Life

In this paper I will tell you about my social life. My social life isn’t just about those happy things with my friends, the day that I spent with them. Once I have been in the mental breakdown. I was bullied since I was kinder garden. So I will tell you how I faced this bullying things until I get my life back and I get here.
First thing first, when I was in kinder garden I was the new student in there because i was a settled foreigner. Yes, I was like a quite girl because I need to adapt with many kind of kids with different characteristic, you know kids are naughty they do things as they want. Then one day I got this disease, yep chicken pox. It made a change in my physical appearance. I got a mark in my
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But then showed up this social media called facebook. Me and my friends opened the facebook like almost 24/7 and then there were like a trend to tag your friends with the animation photo that describe your friends. In the class there was one of my friend who hate me because the boy that she likes, likes me. And she was smart in technology so she hacked my facebook and upload a picture like that and the picture is made by my senior in 12nd grade. So i was confused because suddenly they just wrote in my wall and told me that i was copycat and i was rude because i took her photo without permission. But actually it wasn’t my kerjaan. It was my friend who hates me. But because she uploaded it in mine, i was dilabrak oleh senior nya until i passed out. I was so afraid because their gank melabrak aku there are about 8 people surrounding me dan they screaming at me and push me to tell the truth while i am already talk the truth and they don’t believe it. So i cried and after that i went to the class and they still followed me and melotot ke arahku. Until i passed out and when i sadar, my parents already there and those people who melabrak aku was in the headmaster

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