Personal Essay: Twin Misconceptions

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You have double the items. As a twin, you get double of everything. Since most twins are pretty close in size, it is common that they will share clothes, shoes, and other items. It is helpful for when you have “no clothes” or cannot find anything to wear.
You will always have a competitive nature. I get compared to my sister all the time, so we are constantly competing. It is hard sometimes, because we may not excel at the same things. However, being competitive helps to push ourselves to be better.
Sadly, we are not able to read each others minds. A common misconception about twins is that we have twin telepathy, but that is not true. We get questions about having twin telepathy often, and we promise that we do not have mind reading powers.
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I have never been completely alone. From birth, to the first day of school, we have never been without each other. You always have a friend and know someone no matter what. It helps us to be more confident, because we have someone to cheer us on.
We have a lot of the same opinions. From being raised with each other at the same time, we have similar ways of thinking. We also share many of the same interests and hobbies. In class we often get the same answers, even if they are wrong.
People thinking we look exactly alike. My sister and I look nothing alike, but the whole world seems to think that we look extremely similar. We have people calling each other different names. We are constantly getting confused and people think we are the other twin.
We are constantly being compared. Almost unknowingly it seems, our peers, teachers, and family compare us. “Wow, you’re so much shorter than your sister” or “You have much darker hair than your sister¨ is statements we receive constantly. We not only get compared on our physical features, we are also compared based on our grades and pretty much everything we

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