Personal Essay: USC Upstate

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Ever since I started high school, the question of where I was going to college was in my mind. Selecting a college was tough because they all seemed the same from the outside. I scoured through all the colleges in the state and compared them to me and what I wanted. Hunting for the correct college for me came down to the little things. I unfailingly love South Carolina with the beautiful scenery it provides. Growing up on Hilton Head and watching the multicolored sunsets at the end of everyday wasn 't something I wanted to give up just yet. A large portion of my family lives in Spartanburg. Living up there with family I haven 't seen in a while will remove the anxiety of being away from home. Students from USC Upstate are international. They don 't all come from South Carolina, but all over the world.…show more content…
Nonetheless, I wish to attend a school that I 'm proud to display any and everywhere. One that I could brag about to all my friends and family. USC Upstate is growing in the same way I am. We both want to get bigger and better. To be known nationally for all its strengths. I want to remain proud of skills I 'll learn from all the people that come from different backgrounds. A large quantity of South Carolinians and people from other states as well find a sense of pleasure in being a Gamecock, but I feel more life fulfillment waking up with the feeling of becoming a Spartan in the fall. Another reason why I want to attend USC Upstate is on behalf of its size. Small-scale class sizes gives me the feeling that I 'm more than another body on campus. Instructors can take the time to get to know you on a personal level and help you grow to reach your goals. As a matter of fact, telling my guidance counselor I hoped for USC Upstate to be the school I attend was a surprise. In all the senior meetings she had, I was the only student who even considered USC Upstate as an option. However, that didn 't stop me from looking. I like being able to
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