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What is a DARE hero? Before DARE started, I only knew a little of what the former DARE students have told me. They only told me that DARE was about why you should not take drugs. After I was in the DARE program, my opinion on the program is that it is great that we are lucky enough to have adults that care about us and want us to know why we should not take drugs. If we need to use drugs that are prescribed by the doctor, we should use them, how they are supposed to be used.

Don’t be a zero, be a DARE hero to me means that we need to do something about people taking drugs and be a number instead of people being a zero and not doing anything. Marijuana, meth, heroin, and inhalants can all cause death or medical issues. We learned in the role-playing that our friends can make us do things we don’t want to do. That is called personal or peer pressure. On the Internet people can harm you by making you think that they are someone they aren't. They also could possibly kill you by telling you to meet you somewhere to finally meet each other. So, when you are on the Internet you need to be safe and we
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Strength in numbers means that the more people you have on your side against the situation, the less the situation will get worse. Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate can help me make healthy choices by helping me choose what healthy things I want to put into my body. For example, if I was choosing what I wanted to eat for breakfast, I would first define the situation. The situation would be I want to eat a healthy breakfast. Then, I would assess the situation. I might want to either have cereal or toast. Next, I would make the best choice for me. Let's say I choose toast. Lastly, I would Evaluate. I would ask myself “did I make the right decision”? If yes, then I have a healthy breakfast. If no, then I would ask myself what could I have done
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