Personal Essay: What Makes Your Best Friend?

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Remember how many bad friendships you had in your life? How many people let you down, those who, with complete disregard for your feelings, just lied and betrayed you? And, how somehow it felt so easy to be in the presence of your best friend? But, did your best friend actually made you a better person, remained with you through thick and thin, or they ended up forgotten in the tides of time? What is a good friend for you?

Well, you can answer that one by yourself. For me, a good friend is someone that I feel free around them, with whom I have fun, I don’t need to hide my true self and they understand me, without passing judgments on me. They will feel embarrassed by my idiot pranks, they will be the proudest cheerers during my victories and they will be the last to leave my home during my downfalls. They will know me, correct me, and know when
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First, they are not your age. Remember that they don’t have the same life experiences as you have. They don’t understand the world as you do. Many parents fall into this trap of treating their kids as adults, which will rob them of their childhood. Once you treat your kids as adults, they will try to behave up to those expectations and act like adults. Though it is funny to see them acting all grown up, while still under 3 to 4 feet tall, the problem is that they will not go through all their development stages.

They will be kids just for a little while. Ask any parents, they will tell you how fast they grow and how they will miss them being little kids. So, why rush? Your kids don’t need to accept responsibilities for which they are not ready for. They don’t need to listen to conversations for which they don’t have enough background knowledge to fully understand it. They need to be around toys, they need to send time with kids their own age, while you may be more interested in toys for big boys, or girls. You should treat your child in accordance to their

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