Reflective Essay: What Writing Means To Me

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What does writing mean to me? Writing means getting people engaged in your piece. It means people wanting to keep reading what you wrote. The biggest thing about writing to me is expressing your thoughts and letting your mind go. Using good word choice and having a strong voice in the writing is something that makes it good. Also not leaving people wondering about what is happening makes a good piece of writing. I know when I have written something well, when I feel very confident in it. As I’m reading through it, I want to keep reading it. Also when I don’t feel the need to go back and add more words or details because I already had. That is how I know when I have written my best. I am taking this class because I need an English credit, but I am not just taking it because of that. I want to further my writing skills and feel more confident when I write. Also I want to be prepared for the more…show more content…
I want to easily start and end a story. Have better word choice and punctuation. I don’t want to be scared and worried every time I have a big writing piece for another class. I just want to overall be more confident in my writing. My expectations for myself is that I push myself out of my comfort zone for writing. I will push myself to write things I normally wouldn’t write. I will try to do all the things we learn and put it in my writing. I will do all the things I can so I become better at writing. To learn what I want to in this class, I will have to do all of my work to my best abilities. I will ask as many questions as I can if I don’t understand what we are learning. If I ask questions to the teacher, their role should be to explain it well to what I have a questions on. Also to check on me every once and awhile to make sure I am doing the right thing. After reading through this again, I hope to learn all of the things I have problems with. I want to become the best writer I can
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