Personal Narrative: My Family Changed My Life

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When you are young you do things that you are not are not proud of. Growing up my parents always try to show me the right way to do things. While growing I have noticed that my parents made me who I am. My family shaped me into the young man I am today. The things I have learned to such as morals and values are from my family. I say you live and you learn because in order to know what it fails like fail and get yourself back up you must fall. I learned life is not going to be easy you must keep on trying. I have had many life lesson some good and bad. I believe both good and bad life lessons have stuck with. When I graduated high school, I had envision working a part time job while going to school. As I was making money, I wanted to make more money to buy a car from a dealership. Even though I had a car my parents…show more content…
I was felt the need to compare myself to others after while I stop bc I started loving myself. I was always a quite and conservative person. I was realizing the things I was doing was not me at all. So I changed my group of friends and start going through life a different way. I feel like I found myself and still is finding myself. I hope I remain humble and kind. I learned that it is okay to love yourself and tell yourself how great you are. It is okay to believe in yourself. I always tell people just be yourself. if you feel like you cannot be yourself around certain people you do not need to hang around them. I also learned to that you have to let go. You are not going to have the same friends for the rest of your life. It may come a time where you will not contact your best friend everyday. You will make other bonds with other people in life. You cannot hang with the same people like you use to. It is okay for you to connect with them and still be friends but you always have to remember to let go because a lot of we are taking different paths in

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