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Everyone is different and that is good, because without differences life could be extremely bland. Differences allow people to learn something new or see something in a different perspective. This then allows us to better understand larger groups. To understand other people must first understand themselves and who they are. I am a daughter, a sister, a family member, a friend and much more. I grew up in a huge family and that tends to happen when your parents are divorced. I am the oldest of seven siblings. My family is a part of who I am today in both households. I learned many things from both households and because of that I am grateful for each day I have with my family. My family has showed me both side of our society. I have seen and lived in a lower class family one week and then go to an upper middle class household the next. This truly shaped who I am and how I handle problems in life. In both houses taught me hard work and…show more content…
I strive to be the very best person I can be everyday weather that is going the extra mile or seeking out additional help. I am a very adventurist person I want to seek out new places learn about new people and try new things. I went to Puerto Rico two years ago and loved the people and the place. Motivation, going to college has motivated me to reach my goal of who I want to be as a person when I am older and it also helps me get to my goals and future. I have a great passion for helping people and that is also why I chose social work, because it fits with who I am and my personality. I am very strong willed, if someone says I can’t do something I will set it my goal to prove them wrong. These are some quality’s is what I would define myself but the most important is that I am independent. I am self-sufficient, I will try and do everything myself. If I don’t understand something or know the answer I will seek out help then solve the problem

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