Personal Essay: Why Baseball Is Important To Me

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Baseball has endless stories. Everyone has a different one. Baseball to me is life. Eat, sleep and play. Baseball is in my blood. My great uncles and my dad played baseball through all of their young years so I am expected to be an athlete like them. Baseball is more than that to me, I actually love it. From fielding to hitting and losing or winning. It is how I express myself, because I can’t sing or draw.
I've been told multiple times by my parents that I always had a thing for baseball, whether it was swinging an assortment of items or just throwing stuff. I didn't play an organize game of baseball until I was five years old. That is where it began. Funny story though because since I swung left handed my mom thought I threw left handed,
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I can thank my parents for that. They gave me the opportunity to play as much as I did. My dad has told me stories that when I was around two years old I would try and mimic the swings of professional ball players on TV. I wanted to do all things that were physical activity. I played football or basketball everyday after school with my friends in the neighborhood. It is nice to be surrounded by people who also enjoy sports because it just makes sense.
Being involved in baseball as much as me has taken me so many places. I went to Quincy a few times went. Went to Jacksonville, Illinois and Little Rock, Arkansas. Been to all kinds of places on college visits. I was invited to go to Puerto Rico this year for baseball, but it was pretty expensive. Couldn't really afford it considering how close it was to Christmas and what not.
Baseball and sports in general give the people who play it a niche in life. Right now baseball is my niche and that I need to keep playing at all cost. It won’t come until baseball has opened up new doors of opportunity then I will leave the ball player lifestyle. It has given me and many more a reason to strive for greatness and succeed. I don’t think I have the grades I do now if baseball wasn’t here. The best part is that it connects people all over the world. Baseball is internationally

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