Personal Narrative: Joining A Baseball Team

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As a young tyke, I was much more extroverted and outgoing, compared my current social relationships, and this excitement lead to my upcoming passion for baseball. During the summer of 2009, I had just reached my 9th birthday and my best friend Nicholas and I decided to join a baseball team. Joining the baseball team was a way for both of us to get together more often to hang out and explore the world together. So as a young child who was still experiencing the world, joining sports was an entertaining way to experience what the world had to offer. Baseball was just a part of the beginning.
Every week the team was scheduled a match with another team, where the teams would always be on good terms so that the teams would intermingle after the games to have an even greater time. I always have recalled on these experiences very fondly, as events like these made me happy. It would be like a gathering of puppies, still so new to the world, but with eyes full of wonderment and excitement, as finding new playmates would always be the highlight of their day. This is what I felt as I would
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With this one principle that was reinforced through several years, and with a happy-go-lucky attitude, meant that I was always on the front line to trying new things. I continued to participate in baseball for the summer along with Nicholas, which collectively allowed both of us to grow closer to each other to the point where we still maintain communications today. The experience of trying something out new only to find out that you truly love it, is the most amazing feeling an individual can have, it’s equivalent to finding the last needed puzzle piece that you spent an hour looking for, then when you find it, it fits nicely giving you a sense of belonging and placement. This is also accompanied by the sense of excitement as I explored so many different events and
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