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As a student, writer and soon to be professional I want to be the best person I can be. Everyone has different strenths some of mine are math, livestock information and writing about my life. Even though I have strenghts, I also have weaknesses which include researching, using commas and being about to talk to a group of people. In my studnet, writiter and professional life, I want to be successful which means there is somewhere I always need to improve.
School has always been fun and challenging for me. I believe I am a good student because i work hard, attend class and do my work in all of my classes. I feel that I may be a better student in subjects that come easier to me such as math. In english i am not as good of a student in because it has always been a struggle for me. I am not as good of a student meaning my attitude about
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My emphasis will be on animal industry and business. I chose this degree because I have always loved animals espiecally livestock and the different things that eat is very intresting. A different feed might change the whole animal and it is overall very cool.With this degree I want to be able to judge state and county fairs around the United States. I also would like to be a nutritionist for the livestock industry. The great part about this degree is I can do different things with it so I can explore the best job for me. The preperation for this degree sounds extremely exciting. A lot of classes I will take has a lot of hands on components. I do not understand why they are making me take some of the classes such as statistics but in the end I am sure I will find out exactly why I need it. My strengths going into this degree is having a background with livestock and having an intrest in animals. That will help me succeed. The one weakness I have is thinking about butching animals and taking a class on that because that is not something I enjoy at

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