Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Helping Other People

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I always hated helping other people because I never thought it would help me go farther than where I was. Although later in life I learned how to help others and that if you help others it does come back just in a different way.I have learned the joy of helping others so and that if I was in the same situation somebody would help me. Also after they help me I hope I can go help somebody else. That is what I think about that topic so I will go to the next. I am a person that likes to help others now that is because. It puts you in a better mood so you can feel good about yourself because you know you did good and, helped someone who was in a tough situation. I also like to help people because you can change the way they think completely to make them see the good in the world. When I help people I think that I could be saving them because some people can be one bad thing away from making a bad choice. Then you do one thing and it makes them realize there is still good in the world. That is why I think it is amazing to help anyone you can no matter who they are.…show more content…
It might be a little luck or someone doing something for you. So no matter what you will now lose anything from helping someone who is in need. You gain a lot when you help someone in need for example you earn their respect forever they will always be grateful for what you did. In the past three paragraphs you may have been thinking why is this important the writer is just rambling on about helping others but, this is important because it helped me become the nice caring person I am today. I will continue to do this throughout my entire life so I can continue to help
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