When I Introduce Myself Analysis

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Where are you from? Can you speak English? Can you speak Japanese? This is the most asked question in my life. I was born in Japan as Japanese. But I moved to America due to my father’s work when I was a little. Suddenly, my life was changed. Moving to different language country, environment and treating as a foreigner was the tremendous experience. It has been strongly carved into my mind since that time that it is hard and painful that I cannot communicate with words. However, during that time, I became the same student as who attends the American school. The touching different culture was very fun to me. From that moment, I understood that seeing a different world in me is a joy of life for me. If you make an effort, you will be rewarded. That was more remarkable in America than Japan. I adjusted to the environment, I learned languages with tremendous effort, and after several years I became an honor student at a school. I am proud of my life and the chance that I could have had done. Time has passed, when I become the last grade at middle school, I decided to finish secondary education in Japan. Since my nationality is Japan, I considered that this decision and experience would definitely help my personality formation and future. Of course; this process was not easy since I have been living in…show more content…
I want to devote myself to the fashion industry more than anything. As the LGBT problems and poverty. I would like to change such a world if there are people who can be hurt by expressing myself just because the race and the loved ones are different. And, the reality that children works for the few money in Southeast Asia but these clothes are soon thrown away. I know that clothes and people should not be treated this way. I consider that respect for clothes and people is falling away. Also, I would like people to recognize the culture by the country
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