Personal Essay: Why Is Education Makes Me Human?

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During my teenage I always used to wonder what makes a human so different from the rest of God's creation. Is it just the ability of the human’s to speak, their ability to convey there feelings, the power to think, relate and create? Does education make me human? My parents have always taught me that education is our only wealth. I pondered over it and found that the education does make me a masterpiece of all of God's works because education is the manifestation of the true potential in a human. Education does give me knowledge, but in order for me to be a complete individual, I also need wisdom, which can be gained by experience and by exposure to a variety of people and situations. Masters degree at your university would provide me with…show more content…
I have keen interest in science right from the beginning, and this helped me secure 84% marks in 10th standard. My school's motto "Perseverantia Omnia Vincit", which implies Perseverance always wins, taught me to be diligent and conscientious in working to reach my goals. I wanted to nourish my dream of studying science and hence went ahead with the idea, worked even harder in the junior college and managed to secure 73% in the Board of Intermediate exams from Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad, India. At very young age as a student in high school, computers for me was only a means of entertainment as I found it exciting to play games and generating various mathematical series and patterns thorough BASIC programming. I was dumbstruck to know that games are nothing but programs. Wondering to know how to program I developed a serious interest in Computers. I worked hard to get admission into the highly competitive Electronics and Communication Engineering field. My determination helped me to secure admission into the undergraduate program at the Siddhartha Institute of Engineering and Technology with Electronics and Communications Engineering as my
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