Personal Code Of Ethics Examples

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Ethics according to the Merriam Webster dictionary are rules of behaviour based on ideas of what is morally good or bad. An individual’s code of ethics typically stems from their environment, the laws of their country, religion, household rules etc. I grew up in a Christian household, which consequently influences to a large extent my personal ethical codes. In Belize, for the most part we are influenced by Christianity; our laws are by and large based on the bible. Therefore in that respect, my ethical code while it may vary to some extent from the typical Christian is largely based on teaching from the bible. What is more, we also review the concepts that are illustrated to us either in the law or in the bible and even our environment. Furthermore, it is from that, that we determine whether or not it is good or bad based on our own feelings toward the specific situation. This is where critical thinking and logic enters the equation, because while adultery in the bible may have been frowned upon and women were stoned to death for such an offense, you can see that although we still shun adulteress we realize that it is not in our hands to punish these people.…show more content…
The ability to recognize right and wrong and be able to decipher when doing wrong can be right. One particular situation in which I indirectly encouraged behaviour that I know was morally wrong that would definitely conflict with the teachings of the bible was when I was in high
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