Personal Ethical Framework Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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With news outlets being swarmed with information about Malaysia Airlines flight 370, I felt it was appropriate that my current events article be about the governments choice of texting the victims families in order to inform them of updates. I have particularly been interested in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane because the news of its disappearance was released a few days before I was ready to board an airplane for spring break. A feeling of fear caped over myself when I heard the news and it led me to the constant refreshing of my CNN iPhone application for more updates.

Out of the many international articles that were posted about the airplane, Huffington Post released one on March 23, 2014 that allowed readers to be informed of the
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I am a firm believer in doing on to others as one would like done to themselves. With this specific situation, I have a hard time believing that the government simply would have not minded if they were informed of such news through a text message; regardless of the intent. Within a situation like this, I do not think the intent was evident to the families. The only thoughts running through their minds were of the status of their loved ones, honest news, and loyal government standing behind them. I think, because this is the main idea of my personal ethics framework, the government should have simply gone a different route. Knowing all the information available about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, technology of this century, and the government, I would have held a personal face-to-face meeting with each and every person who cared for someone on that plane. By my knowledge, the families were staying in a hotel close to where the news out broke therefore I would have got them together in a conference room before I even thought about how to break the news to the rest of the world. My ethical framework would suggest that, in this situation, the families were more important than the rest of the world who were just interested in the tragic news

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