Personal Narrative: My Personal Ethics Status

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Personal Ethics Status
The ability to grow and live positively is dictated by the extent by which people heed to the concept of morality. It is so unfortunate that some individuals, because of paying less attention to the basics of morality, ended up becoming useless people in the society. On the other hand, there exist some characters who up to date appreciate and respect the provisions of ethics, hence serving as the basis of their happiness and quality living. Admittedly, it is possible for one to give an account of what morality entails and the elements contained in it merely by providing a sound explanation of a personal account. In particular, my life is in a real reflection of the basis of morality owing to serious turn of events that
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In my growing up, my parents did not hesitate to elaborate for me all the “does and donts” that the society acknowledged. Apart from respecting others and showing love to all people based on my parents ' behaviors concerning the same, it was wrong and unacceptable to engage in wrong deeds and activities. Insulting other children and beating them without any substantial explanation was met with thorough beatings and punishments ranging from sleeping without food to executing some of the demanding house chores. It is from such a point I came to realize that doing the right thing is not deliberate rather, a mandatory thing worth time and attention. It is true that social awareness adds up to the comprehension of ethics. From a personal point of view, social awareness implies the ability to understanding other people’s feelings for the betterment of one 's well being. As I grew, I noted that there are components of a character that parents cannot offer merely because they entail personal decisions. As such, social awareness is inherent, and no one is forced to put it into practice. However, it must apply in all cases of life, especially in the nursing arena. Precisely, self-awareness and heeding to rules and regulations are among the basis of…show more content…
It has taken me ups and down to safeguard my personality in regards to the nursing profession because the profession does not provide room for pretense. As can be expected, other jobs, such mechanics and carpentry might not demand much respect only because the players seem to attend to similar situations, hence proving it impossible to understand the concepts surrounding morality. In the nursing arena, respect is a necessary element towards creating good terms with the concerned people. For instance, nurses should respect patients for the betterment of service delivery and achievement of peaceful coexistence. In circumstances where respect is not availed, it becomes impossible to achieve promising results. The society indeed taught me the essentiality attached to respecting others thus serving a source of encouragement, the consideration that I carefully examined before venturing into the nursing profession. It is natural that patients do need not only drugs but also respect for survival. In other words, it is difficult for someone who does not value others to find solace in nursing. For example, nurses are expected to respect the voice of the patients so that there can be a sort of understanding to facilitate better treatments and caregiving. For example, patients come from different religious backgrounds that accommodate certain beliefs as far as the provision of Medicare is
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