Personal Ethics: My Personal Code Of Ethics

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We humans are not perfect and have to train ourselves to act morally and ethically. For me ethics is to take responsibility for my actions and act in a way they will do no harm to others but in fact help others. It is about my relationship with myself and others. Below is my personal code of conduct by which I firmly strive to uphold. 1. Peace: I will not harm anyone by my thought, word or deed. I will live life peacefully and never be source for pain or injury to myself or others. 2. Truth: I will always speak truth and stand by what’s right. It includes not making false statements, gossiping or bitching about anyone. I will be fair, truthful and never make promises that cannot be fulfilled. I will never compromise on my values and stay on the righteous path. 3. Deceit: I will live within my means and never deceit anyone. If I borrow resources, I will use them for the purpose intended and not keep them past due. I will acknowledge my mistake, if I commit any and willingly accept the punishment applicable. 4. Promise: I will never make false promises and if I promise anyone, I will always keep my word and never back out whatsoever. I will go over and above to fulfill my promise and never let anyone down who laid their trust on me. 5. Judgement: I will always think before I act and will never ever pass judgment on anyone under any circumstances. 6. Respect: I will respect every living and non-living beings and treat people and resources with dignity and be thankful for

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