Personal Code Of Ethics: Emergency Medical Tech (EMT)

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Personal Code of Ethics What exactly are Personal Codes of Ethics? The business dictionary defines ethics as being, “The basic principles and values that govern interactions among individuals.”
EMT Code of Ethics Being an Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) there is a code of ethics that all members must abide by. The most common ethics are: be professional at all times, take responsibility for your actions, abide by all laws and regulations, work together as a team with other members and authoritites, and most of all conserve life. Even though these are the “Required” ethics every person tends to have a few others of their own as well. In comparison to these ethics I also have a few others that I live by everyday.
The first ethic that
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Not only is compassion needed and great to have in everyday life but especially when one works in any form of health care environment. Being an EMT you have to be compassionate. So many people look up to you for answers and help in their time of need. No matter how big or small of a call every act counts, things from a simple bump on the head to a full blown cardiac arrest call you must be compassionate. Nine times out of ten the person who is needing help isn’t alone, there normally is family or friends there as well who are concerned. If you lack compassion it complicates the job and others will question whether or not you truly care or not. This goes hand in hand with the required ethic of conserving life. Our job is to save lives or do everything in our power to obtain that.
Team Work Teamwork in my opinion is the most important professional and personal ethic to have and use in healthcare. Healthcare is not a solo man career. More times than not, especially in Emeregency Medical Services (EMS) you aren’t working alone. EMT’s normally work in pairs, Fire at least three members per shift and Police in pairs. It doesn’t matter what branch it is with teamwork is ideal as you deal with other people and authorities. For example, A car accident can involve EMS,PD as well as fire and if there isn’t teamwork the scene will turn into complete chaos.
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“Professional ethics encompass the personal, and corporate standards of behavior expected by professionals”. Though this may seem like common sense this ethic isn’t always that easy. Yes, you may have a “Professional” job but how you act also reflects on that. One thing I have had to learn while working in the medical field is to put aside all personal feelins and to stay professional while dealing with the situation. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who could care less about how they act, or how disrespectful they are, or if it even matters if they upset another person. You may be dealing with the worlds rudest man alive but in no way does that give the right to act the same way in response to them. Honestly, I have found that by staying professional and not stooping to a lower level actually ruins the person that is being rude game. It takes two people to argue or debate or have any kind of confrontation. By staying professional it eliminates escalated situations and harsh consequences for misconduct and behavior. In conclusion it doesn’t matter whether the ethics are in place because of a job or because of your own personal morals. It all boils down to being good people in the simplest terms. There is enough hate and misconduct going on everywhere you look that you don’t need to add to it. Working in the healthcare field and abiding by their codes has been easy for me because my own morals were already the same, just in a different
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