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Week Five Course Reflection When I realized I had to take an ethics course, I was not particularly happy, I expected to be bored; however, this course has been a revelation for me. I did not realize that I lived my life by my personal and spiritual code of ethics reflected in the APA Code of Ethics. It appears that my ethical framework is relational, I have always valued individuals in my personal and professional life and cared to nurture the space between us and understand their point of view, needs and expectations. Throughout daily interactions, the expectation of most is that individuals employ ethical judgment in ethical decision making: however, this view is complicated by the individuals’ perception of right and wrong, values, morality,…show more content…
Psychologists need to use the six-step model in problem solving. Confidentiality has been mentioned in Principle E; Respect for People’s Rights and Dignity and in numerous ethical standards including, Standard 4.01 Maintaining Confidentiality, which obligates psychologists to take reasonable precautions to protect confidential information. The field of psychology is trusted by the public to provide services without sharing private information; however, they may not be aware that confidentiality is not absolute and that psychologists are obligated in certain situations to disclose confidential information such as in the “duty to warn” potential victims of harm, and state laws require the reporting of child or elderly abuse is suspected. Informed consent is essential in any activities conducted by psychologists such as research, psychological assessment and treatment. Informed consent for research is a one-time event that is conducted at the outset of the research study, however, informed consent for therapy is a process that continues over time as the psychologist is increasingly able to provide information specific to each client. Policies and laws pertaining to confidentiality and other aspects of psychological services should be explained in the informed

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