Personal Eulogy Essay: A Friend As A Friend

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First and foremost: Thank you very much for the vote of confidence, and such a long and detailed response! Totally appreciated!

WOW!!! You are truly a perceptive person! If your response was a grenade that was thrown a hundred yards away, I'd be sure to lose a limb or something...

Right on!!! Friendly is a great way to start things! If you're anything like me, which you are, you place very high valence on the particular term, friend. I believe that it's the one thing that's greater than family because, you've carefully chosen those few special individuals to share in your life's journeys and experiences. I'm assuming that like me, you have many acquaintances as people seem to flock to you, but you are very cautious of those with whom you regard as a friend. In sum, friends can be considered as family, but not all family can be considered as friends. Just know that I am eternally playful and tend to be a prankster, so perhaps you prepare yourself for it! I'm down with verbal jabs, but may be a little rusty as most people are just too sensitive these days!
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Onto your revision to my ad! I must warn you however that my heart is quite heavy this day, so I will have a very morbid tone...

You hit the nail on the head! I'm known to be quite a vain and urbane guy to those closest to me, and take great pride in my overall appearance, but at the same time, very humble and grounded. However, being an ugly duckling coming up, I still tend to suffer from it, and detest the access attention I get when I go out such as the loud chants and praises. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a Walmart only to have the people stop and hover around me to ask verbose questions just to prolong conversations, or some old hag proposing to shack up while I'm in the checkout

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