Personal Narrative: How Grandpa Changed My Life

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Through my experiences in life I have realized that things do not always go as planned and I had learned to accept all changes in my life, except for situations where I had to say goodbye. My quince was everything I had hoped for, but sadly not everyone I had pictured there were able to attend. The absence of my grandfather affected me more than anyone could tell that night. The memory of how I lost him still leaves me in tears every time I remember it.
From time to time my grandpa would stop to visit and take us to his ranch; those were the good old days. My relationship with my grandfather was unique in a way, sometimes he would be there and sometimes he we would not. He was the closest thing I had to having a grandpa and so I loved him regardless of his absence in my life. I felt no need to judge him and none to question him for the choices he made, he was the father of my father; therefore, I respected him. Thinking back, I remember when he use to take us fishing that must have been ten years ago. Every year I would ask the same question to him “Grandpa when will you take us fishing again?” the answer was always “when you grow older mija”. I was fourteen when I last stopped asking and since then I have not gone fishing. My grandfather was a stubborn
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I remember getting up trying to find my slippers, but then I froze at the sound of the ovens alarm. It was a strange feeling but in that moment the ovens alarm sounded like the noise the heart meter makes once a patient no longer has a heartbeat. This sent shivers down my spine, I was afraid and I had no clue why. Moments later, I was informed that my father had received a message from my grandma stating that my grandpa was not feeling well. My dad then called home once he had arrived to my grandpa’s aid only to say that by then it was too late, he had passed
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