Personal Experience: A Career In The Marine Corps

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During my four years in the Marine Corps, I was constantly busy. Always had things to do, work, friends and, the gym. Now that I am back to being a civilian, I have noticed it being very hard to adjust. At first it was easy because, I would just go to the gym, school, and work when I was with AT&T. After leaving the company I noticed I am extremely bored and don’t know what to do. I miss the Marine Corps and want to go back. While living my everyday life on Camp Pendleton, there was never a dull moment. I always had plans or always had work. A lot of times I would go into work at seven in the morning and wouldn’t leave until ten at night. There were instances where I worked twenty-four hours. Those were the worst days, but I made it through and it helped make the time go by. I didn’t really have much time for a girlfriend. I had a girlfriend in the beginning but it didn’t work out due to a lot of reasons.…show more content…
At the same time I found my girlfriend I have now. Everything started happening all at once and I loved it. I failed to realize that AT&T wanted me to work more and go to school less. I couldn’t do that, so I left the company. It was great when I worked with them because, I was so busy and my girlfriend loved that I was working and going to school. Soon it got to the point where I was seeing my girlfriend less and less. I was not about to fall back into the same routine that I had before. I got out of the military to purse school, a career and, to have a normal life. The company didn’t care about my personal life. All they wanted was my time so they can get as much money as possible. It was easy for them to convince me of more work because of how much I used to do in the Marine

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