Personal Experience: A Memorable Trip To Japan

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The Memorable Trip Have you ever been on a trip that didn’t end up as well as you thought? Thinking of travelling, maybe everyone will think of places that they want to go, people that they want to travel with, and things that they want to do. Travelling is a happy thing, but it might end up completely different as you have thought of. Everyone should have a memorable trip in their life, no matter good or bad, a trip that you will remember every single detail of it, and mines was three years ago, the trip to Japan. When you decide to go to a place, you have to look at the real side of it, do planning in advance and try the best to enjoy it. During the summer holiday in the year 2016, I went to Tokyo, Japan with my aunt, uncle, two cousins and my grandmother. It was an instant decision of having the trip there, and it was only a seven-day trip. I was very excited for the trip because Japan was the place that I have always wanted to go. Before going to Japan, in my eyes Japan is like a vivid dream, in the dream, I saw things that are made delicately, people that are friendly and houses with beautiful views. But after I reach Japan, my dream got crumbled. Maybe because the place I went was Shinjuku, all the things were different from what I have thought of, what I saw in Japan was, tall commercial buildings, busy people walking, and crowded railway stations. I thought Japan was a very fun place to go, but my trip was kind of boring, what I did the first few days was walking

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