Personal Experience: A Personal Study Of Horror Movies

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Personal Experience Some people don’t like horror movies, but some people really like to watch them. I personaly do not like horror movies. Every time I watch horror movies or read scary books, I feel terrified and my stomach turns. The reason why I act this way is because I’ve witnessed something that I shouldn’t have when I was younger. I saw a human head flow around my house in the morning with his stomach and his intestine flying around with him. I know it sounded like a lie, but it wasn’t only me that saw it, my mom and two siblings saw him as well. That is why I hate to watch horror movies. It makes me believe that every scene from the movies really existed in real life, and I believe monster really exists in this world. It is not a…show more content…
Our thought can bring up reality; can bring out what did not exist. For example, my Female friend married to a man was involved in black magic. He practices it every day. My friend told me that he could control spirits and put curse on people. I used to think that could not be true but I changed my mind after I saw it become real. So, one day, I had a deep conversation with my friend about her husband and what can he do beside curse or spell. She told me that he can talk to ghost and he can tell them to harm people. He can also kill people by sending his ghost to live in human body. That is why we see some people are so cruel. Some demons are living in human bodies doing harms to us more than what we believe. I don’t want to believe that it really exists, but it is there. A normal person won’t have strength to kill other human being; only demons that live inside a person can do that. For example, in the essay, Here Be Monster by Ted Genoways,“ those are mean to do us harm are real and they are among us” (Genoways 132). He points out that how we see monster how it related to real life and how they created in our lives now and in the past. He also mentions that demons can look like us and next to us, but we can’t tell which one it is and that’s scary. Another example that an ordinary person can become a monster is when he become a serial killer. When a man becomes a victim of his own thought, he can be a monster to harm other human. He can kill, he can damage the world when he becomes a heartless person. This kind of monster is a cold killer. In Tithecott’ s esaay The Horror in the marror: Average Joe and the Mechanical Monster, he talks about a killer who was a simple guy that no one could of think he was a serial killer. He mentions

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