Personal Narrative: The Unexpected Situation In My Life

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In the world we live in, we think unexpected situation will not happen to us, so we live in a selfish world. The majority of the time we do it unconsciously because we don’t realize that it can happen to anyone at any moment. During the last few years I have experience unexpected situation; for instance, at the begging of last year I was entering my senior year and days before our last first day we get notify of a car accident in the highway. In the car there were three boys, which were part of our same social group. They were from another school and unfortunately two of them died. That day I was in my cousin house visiting my grandmother. My cousin, close friend of the three boys, leaved because he had a meeting with his football team; by…show more content…
So he went to the doctor to check it out and they made him do a magnetic resonance. The results showed how two vertebrates from the top part of the spine were damaging the spinal cord. The doctor was shook with the results. He told my father he had to get surgery immediately. My father did not have any doubt of it because he couldn’t do any common activity without pain. At that time my father was working at Exxon Mobile and he had no trouble with his work, because he only had to notify them. In my perspective I hardly remember the operation due to my age. I mostly suffer from seeing my father in a bed and having a hard time doing normal activities. It was mainly because I barely saw him due to all the travel he had to do for work. In this time my mother was the one who suffered the most. She had the responsibility of all of us. My sister and I couldn’t help her much because we were too little. At last everything turn out great and my father was good to…show more content…
He had to go to the emergency room and the pain was controlled by pills until he got an appointment with a doctor. The doctor made him do a magnetic resonance just like the one on 2006. This time the two vertebrates above the ones he already had surgery on were again damaging the spinal cord. My father got the news and they planned to have surgery, but he told the doctor that he needed time. He needed time because he now owns several gas stations and his main concern was that if something went wrong we could still be stable financially. All of this because he now has more risks due to his age and his diabetes. The day he told us was a big unexpected turn to my life. Since that day my whole family schedule change. I had to learned how to run the company. I started by waking up everyday at 6:00 am except the days I had to go to the university, which were Mondays and Wednesdays. At this time I had to learn to do inventories for the fuel. The inventories have to be done daily and order with a day of advance. Also I learned what I had to do to order it and how to make the transactions for the different gas stations. I couldn’t be more tired and my dad was so worried for changing our daily lives. I had to cut all the late parties to be able to wake up and do my job. I even got the chance to help in the payroll and learned how to add people on the system. I worked intensively until the last week of April due to

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