Personal Experience: An Aspects Of An Effective Experience

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In the world we live in, we think unexpected situation will not happen to us, so we live in a selfish world. The majority of the time we do it unconsciously because we don’t realize that it can happen to anyone at any moment. During the last few years I have experience unexpected situation; for instance, at the begging of last year I was entering my senior year and days before our last first day we get notify of a car accident in the highway. In the car there were three boys, which were part of our same social group. They were from another school and unfortunately two of them died. That day I was in my cousin house visiting my grandmother. My cousin, close friend of the three boys, leaved because he had a meeting with his football team; by the time I left I received messages, videos, and pictures of the accident. This horrific accident made us realizes how similar situations happen every day and that it could happen to anyone. Every accident or unexpected problem leaves us messages, which helps us mature and see the real world. Eleven years ago my father had a horrible back injury; it made his whole body be in pain. So he went to the doctor to check it out and they made him do a magnetic resonance. The results showed how two vertebrates from the top part of the spine were damaging the spinal cord. The doctor was shook with the results. He told my father he had to get surgery immediately. My father did not have any doubt of it because he couldn’t do any common activity

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