Personal Narrative: Coming To America

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Coming to America
The most critical event of my life was November 11, 2013 the first time I boarded an airplane to the United States of America. It was the scariest but happiest time of my life experiencing it with my father and sister. I was afraid of heights, so there were times when I told my father I was too afraid to board a flight. I never actually imagined myself boarding a plane owing to the rigorous processes in acquiring a United States visa. I was extremely happy to celebrate with my dad and sister. However, it was a humbling experience to know how different the world is, and at the same time, how similar our lives are. Traveling can be critical but, what makes it interesting is the adventure, food and companionship, and new things.
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Though I have had some pretty good meals in my life, there was one memorable meal that still lingering in my mind. During our transit at Belgium airport we went to the restaurant to eat and the food menu was completely foreign to me, so I hardly chose a food item. The only familiar food was sandwich, so I put in an order for it. While waiting for the food, we spent most of the time talking about everything that took place in the flight and things we saw for the first time, and all the while the aroma of the food being made kept my nose engrossed. When it was food time and our order was served, I started eating hastily as if I could finish the huge sandwich. At first, I was nervous to try something new fear of not knowing the taste of the food but the one chosen proved to be very delicious. However, it was like a typical traditional food that made me to go for it repeatedly. Nevertheless, the food items were very reasonable, and we were given an outstanding treatment with classical entertainment. There were three televisions positioned directly where we were sitting and with different channels. At the background of the airport songs of Adele started playing, the songs were amazing, and they got stuck in my head the entire time. So, my sister and I sang the songs, it was great to sing and laugh together what an amazing meal and great companionship. I had to stay another minute mainly because I was so full that I couldn't move. It was one interesting conversation and meal that neither me nor my family would ever
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