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My four-years as an undergraduate student has been filled with wonderful yet challenging experiences. I had to face many life situations and learned how to deal with emotions/conflicts that have overcome my strengths and weaknesses. Through these experiences, I become a stronger and wiser individual that knows how to deal with tough conflicts and obstacles that may decrease my self-esteem. Besides the unexpected events, the past four years has been phenomenal. It gave me the opportunity to grow and to acknowledge who I am as a person. By taking hard-core courses, being involved in leadership, and committed to service, I believe there are things in life that we all take for granted. As an honors' student, I tried my best to do well in my academics by studying hard for my classes. I realized that I don’t have that capability to do so. I typically would study at least a week in advance and tried to review the night before an exam. I also can not learn just by reading the textbook or listening to a professor talk in a lecture hall. In addition to them, I need to apply those concepts and skills in real life situation to understand the information. In rare cases, life can bring surprises which can negatively impact our daily lives; therefore, one must learn to conquer them to reach his or…show more content…
As a person, I am content that I chose to be involved with leadership and service in addition to my education because I truly believe that life knowledge does not only come from the textbook but from personal experiences. Without any leadership experiences nor participating in any service events, I would not have become the person I am today nor the motivation to strive for success. If you have any questions/concerns regarding my qualifications for the outstanding senior award, please do not hesitate to contact me at (702) 630-9383 (cell) and/or

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