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Personal Experience In My Class
Teachers play a crucial and vital role in the process of learning; though it is very important that they have a detailed knowledge of the ways in which learning should be promoted in schools. I need to know what is important in terms of the learning theories and how these theories can be translated into the classroom environment.
During the course of this assignment we studied the topic based on animals. The theme for this unit was sharing the planet, with the central idea being; ‘Animals live in different natural habitats and share the world with us.’ At the start of the unit the children helped design learning areas in the classroom; they helped make an ocean area, jungle area and farm area. Together we put
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By visiting different websites; I got ideas of educating children and making them learn with fun activities like making their own animals with colour markers on board and explaining other children about their creativity.
During the weekend, I also planned to bring along some farm animals like parrots, cats, dogs, pigeons, birds in the school and help children get used to these animals and spend some time to overcome any fear that they might have. In the beginning, some children were very afraid of the animals moving and running in front of them and touching them, but as time spent, children realised that these animals are not dangerous and they started to feel the need touch them.
By employing scaffolding strategies, I helped my students achieve heights they otherwise could not reach. Three specific scaffolding strategies I used were: organising the environment, using appropriate visual clues to guide behaviours and
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Like Alara (3 Year Old) created a small grassy area for rabbits to sit and eat their food while she carefully monitored the excitement of the rabbit when a carrot was on her legs. With a little guidance and support this particular task enabled Alara to reach her new level of ZPD making connections and building on and improving her cognitive development by making a conscious decision and observing the result. Alara is open to learning more; she remembers names of many animals and their features that has improved her English skills during this
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