Personal Narrative: My Trip To SDSU

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I came to SDSU a little worried about how big the campus was because the area of the campus is bigger than my hometown. I did not know whether I was going to make friends and fit in like I did back home. Going to all of the events around campus has definitely help in getting familiar with the campus and finding people to hang out with. I have found a group of friends that I am excited to get to know more by attending these events with them. The college offers so many opportunities to get involved in many different things. You can stay in your major and join a club or go completely outside your comfort zone and join something like the art club or something on that lines.
The first event that I attended of the student engagement assignment was
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I had a resume that I made for a high school class, so it was a start but it would not have gotten me passed the first round of reviews if I applied for a job where they had a lot of applicants. After the session, I went and completely redid my resume. I think I would now get an interview. I added a lot of new things like experience that include unpaid like my SAT in high school for our middle school agriculture classes. The next class, I hope to attend would be the interview class. I hope to attend more classes like this in the future weeks and throughout my career here at SDSU.
I also attended the resume blitz. That was very helpful the next day to make sure I was formatting it right and had everything in order for the career fair. They check for simple things as spelling errors and made sure I had everything I needed to get an interview. I really appreciated all the help I had on my resume. I was really nice how I was able to walk right in and get help right away. I also ask a couple of questions like how many resume I should have for the career fair and looked at sample references pages. The staff was really helpful in answering my
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