Intercultural Reflection

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When I first learned of our Community Service/Service Learning assignment I was immediately flustered, I thought to myself "how do they expect us to learn all of this information and on top of that volunteer the little free time that we do have", little did I know I was in for a dose of reality. It is so easy to get caught up in our own world and our own struggles we truly forget how blessed we actually are. Like most, my intent was to take one day from school, show up, help out, and be done with it. I was intending on sorting donations that had been taken in for the month. Such as diapers, formula, clothes, and nonperishable food items. Upon arrival to the New Life Crisis Pregnancy Center I was immediately broken down simply by the loving and welcoming arms of Mrs.…show more content…
Latasha and her staff provide, it proved what my nursing research article had studied exactly right. Not worth doing prenatal care": an ethnographic study of a low-income community explored the reasons pregnant women in a Brazilian community did not seek prenatal care. The leading reasons discovered were lack of family and social support for appointments, finding out of pregnancy too late, fear, and cultural values. Each reason the research found speaks volumes about the work New Life Crisis Pregnancy Center does for our community. In my chosen article one single teenage girl speaks of her experience and her reasoning of hiding her pregnancy out of fear from her mother: I had strong fears in relation to my mother's reactions toward pregnancy. She was always very angry, and I was ashamed to say I was pregnant. Surely, she would do something. (Rosa, Hoga, Reis-Queiroz, pp. 291) To keep ladies from finding out too late, they offer free pregnancy test, for those who are fearful and lacking support New Life Crisis Pregnancy Center offers counseling and an enormous amount of support and

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