Personal Experience In Early Childhood Education

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For the past two years I have immersed myself in learning about developmentally appropriate early childhood teaching practices, the impact of early childhood education on families and society and something else. Through my field placements and working as a full time teaching assistant I have acquired a command of early childhood curriculum frameworks and best practices for implementation in the classroom. Teaching in the early childhood setting is my passion, but it is also my second career. I bring to the classroom an unique perspective, and pragmatic outlook about the skills and talents needed to succeed in the 21st century workforce. There was a common thread throughout my education at MCLA that urged us to recognize the importance of standards, curriculum choices of administration, and to value the data that assessments can provide however, it was always stressed to create developmentally appropriate lessons and to build scaffolded activities that met the students at their current level. Furthermore, young learners thrive in environments that teach the whole child - not just cognitive skills. In addition, students need to create connections and draw from their experiences to truly gain knowledge and skills. It is for this reason I have chosen to research outdoor education and its potential role and benefits to mainstream public early childhood education.

Presently, outdoor education takes place in a variety styles and methodologies. Recreation centers and adventure

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