Personal Experience In Team Management

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My experience
I have worked as a leader in a company named Sidchrome Pvt Ltd.During this particular period I grasp various thongs which I want to share,as a leader in particular company. When I worked there, I noticed that all the team members were happy to see me as a leader. My role was clear to me, which ease my work with trust and collaboration. Moreover, I also found myself accomplished in implementing my role effectively. I felt good as i sensed i was valued by others, which made me happy to know that members had a faith in me. Today i really feel proud of myself and my team members. As a leader at that company was a lifetime experience and it added several new things to my profile and personality. Everyone was happy with my leadership
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• To excel in the team management capability.
• To make the human resource a competitive edge for the firm.

Values and standards
The values and standards of the organisation are to give preferences to the clients,integrity,honesty,
Knowledge sharing,respect for all,equal opportunities,team work,strive for success and promoting health and occupational safety.

Motivating and encouraging team members

It is always understandable that encouragement and empowerment has significant role in motivating the group.I also noted that motivation is a key requirement for organisational tasks as nothing can be achieved without it.I used empowerment and encouragement as a motivational tool for the team members to influence them.

Organisational expectations from the team members
Talking about the expectations of the organisation from the team members,ethical behaviour and implementations of oh&s were the first priorities that assisted me with managing the group.I have executed the safety,health and welfare at work act,2005 under my leadership.I was also working as conflict manager in the team in order to minimise and maximise the conflicts and output.In addition i have sacrificed my moral values and business ethics throughout the period and i had a kind of personal relationship and communication with all team members in order to make everyone fell more comfortable at workplace.I
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Leadership role in a consultation and decision marking process

Being a leader does not at all give all the authority to take all the decisions solely.As a leader,I always encouraged the decisions to be made with the consent of all the effected and concerned parties.The employees, middle managers and their senior managers were consulted vias various forums and team meetings.Although,it was impossible to make decisions which was agreed by all,the ideas raised be everyone were considered to make them feel heard.Risk planning was done by consulting all the involved parties and opportunities were identified and strategies were developed for effective use of business opportunities.

Assigning accountabilities and response
Assigning accountabilities and responsibilities always provide positive results.For instance, increased confidence in team members improves managerial ability and better accomplished of assigned goals in order to develop sense of

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