Personal Narrative: My Story Of A Teenage Girl

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My entire childhood I heard stories and watched movies that portray the cliche of a teenager whose family thinks they’re perfect until they fall in with the wrong crowd in high school and everything changes. Watching these movies and hearing these stories, I never thought that it could happen to me, never stopped to say maybe one day that would be me. Until one day I realized it already was me. I had been best friends with this one girl for almost two years at this point, and of course she has other friends, but there was one in particular that I hated with no obvious reason as to why. The new school year started and my best friend and I ended up having class with this girl I hated so as per the ways of high school, my best friend wanted all three of us to become friends. With this in mind it was decided that come Halloween we would all meet up at my house. There was my best friend, the girl I hated, the girls boyfriend, and my best friend who I loved as a brother.…show more content…
I should have known that since the only reason the girl and her boyfriend wanted to come over was so we could get away with doing things that our parents wouldn 't agree with. That night became the beginning of the end, from there the three of us started hanging out practically everyday, at first it was innocent and everything was as it would be in a normal friendship. Then it started turning to partying every weekend and fighting with each other. The partying led to fights with my family, fights so bad that I was threatened to lose everything that I take for granted in my

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