Personal Experience: My Experience As A Platoon Sergeant

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I am requesting 18 LL college credits for my experience and Knowledge as a Platoon Sergeant. I held the position of Platoon from December 2008- July 2011. My job as a Platoon Sergeant came with numerous responsibilities that I had to learn very quickly. I was charged with the responsibility of taking care of over forty Soldiers. The job came with many challenges such developing, training, managing, and planning just to name a few of my responsibilities. After assuming this position, I began to implement systems and ideas that would motivate an entire platoon to give their best effort. I quickly came to understand the role and responsibilities of this position. I was responsible for all matters related to the safety, welfare of Soldiers,…show more content…
Whether creating new rules, procedures, or courses of action regarding operations. Improving the overall effectiveness of a group or unit has been successful in this approach. Regardless of how many people disagreed with the way in which I conducted business, it proved to be very efficient. I clearly demonstrated the ability to influence people through my actions. Also my reputation of taking a risk to change things helped me to be successful. Instead of sticking with what people thought was the norm, I invited the challenge of doing thing differently. The approach that I took in improving the way in which things were done became the standard for the entire organization. My ideas were proved to be more detailed and effective when it came to training and administrative procedures. As a leader, I believed that the most important thing to a Soldier was their time. Therefore, when there was an act of indiscipline I would assign writing assignments, on the specific incident at hand. This method proved to be beneficial. For it was taking time away to complete the assignment. When it came to the overall discipline my methods proved to be more effective. I would in return have the most discipline group of Soldier in the unit. As a leader always believed in leading from the front, so I did. When it came to anything I ensured that my presence was known, by involving myself in whatever the Soldiers was doing. Unlike some leaders, I wanted to be seen and not heard. my methods have led me to a very successful assignment as a Platoon Sergeant. My leadership style encouraged my Soldiers to excel my achieving the highest physical fitness scores and the highest evaluation scores. Also while deployed, I thought that it was necessary to change the way in which we conducted certain drills. By taking this risk I ensured that every Soldier returned home safely. I believe

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