Jackie Robinson Monologue

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I woke up early and put on the clothes that I had laid out from the night before. I went to the kitchen grabbed a Poptart and headed out the door to find the bus coming up my street. Walking onto the bus gave me a whiff of Expo Markers and and an overload of Axe cologne that I’m guessing an awkward teenage boy showered in. I sat on the hard, poorly cushioned seat next to a small girl with pigtails and a Doc Mcstuffins backpack. Man, this is my first day of being in the Middle School; first day of sixth grade, I thought to myself. Twenty minutes passed and I was off the bus heading to my locker when a old friend of mine approached me. She told me that my best friend (may I add my only friend) had called me a brat and said she didn’t want to…show more content…
But when I researched him yesterday, it really hit me how motivational he is. He had a lot more serious problems than I do. He had to deal with all these racist people ridiculing him everyday. He was persistent all throughout his career and his lifetime. He never gave up when he knew that others didn’t like him or what he was trying to do. When people would shout from the stands nasty words, he never felt the urge to get back at them. He looked straight to what he wanted to do and didn’t let anyone or anything get in his way. I need to look besides the fact of what others might think and keep my mind on the bright sides of everything like Jackie Robinson once…show more content…
He is a magnificent influencer and is a role model for everyone who has heard his story. I am blessed that I have learned more about him so I can take note of the strength he used to get through his barriers and were able to conquer them one by one. He was persistent and stayed on the course to his goal and ignored all the hateful things people would throw at him. My biggest barrier used to be how shy I was; but each day, I am growing and growing. After listening to what Jackie Robinson did, I am encouraged to fight harder and conquer my
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