Personal Experience: My Most Memorable Learning Experience

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My most memorable learning experience is currently still happening, primarily in my AP World History class, as well as from my AP Environmental Science class (freshman) (the same teacher for Honors Biology). Both of these teachers have challenged me, shown me how diverse our world is, and how important it is to consider an alternative point of view, as well as showing me how to enjoy learning.
A challenge is always appreciated, especially in learning. Getting a more in-depth thought process, gaining an interest in a subject, or simply problem solving can be considered a challenge depending on how one’s brain works. Mr. New (APWH) uses inquiry-based learning to organize our curriculum, so that there is a question that guides the lesson that we based our learning around. It acts a sort of context to help frame the class. It also means we get to debate some of these topics. While I appreciate debating, but I also harbor a massive fear of public speaking. So anytime I am required to create a speech or presentation is a challenge. And so far through APWH, I have been required to do many presentations, with others as well as by myself, ranging from three to twelve minutes. It is an incredibly intimidating task, so though I still dread doing them, I feel somewhat less anxiety about them. We also participate in many class discussions, where all of us are required to speak at least once, as a way to both trade ideas as well as expand on how we view our class material.
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