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Personal Learning Experience it is often said that some lessons you will never learn from, in my case I had to have a personal learning experience. The lessons I had to learn was speaking up or people would walk all over me. Speaking up in different situations isn’t always easy. The second lesson was you cant give your heart to everybody because they might just misuse it. The third thing with my personal experience is you can’t be friends with everybody especially if God didn’t send them your way. Last thing I would say being distracted can interfere with a lot. Speaking Up When it comes to speaking up its kind of hard sometimes, because people will really try to walk all over and act like you don’t exist. You can’t always be quiet because they will try to play you and treat you as if they didn’t hear you. I go through this a lot still people will ignore what I say and pay attention to the next person. People take me as the quiet person just because I don’t always voice my opinion about everything. It’s like…show more content…
I had to actually experience that for myself because I gave my heart to the wrong man. He decided that he wanted to play with my heart and take it for granted. When I gave my heart to people it didn’t belong to I ended up with broken friendships, a broken family, broken relationships. My heart is extremely valuable. My heart makes me the authentic person that I am today. The heart is under constant attack, its like the heart has more war with things and situations then anything. The heart ends up with a lot of disappointment, discouragement, or even disillusionment. The heart holds dreams, your desires, and your passions ever the people you care about most like family and even friends. The most important thing it hold is your relationship with God. So I really had to learn to guard my heart because a person wear tear your heart right out of your chest if you let

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