Personal Narrative: My Journey To Mexico

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Everyone has a personal experience! One of the experience I had is the chance to go to Mexico for the first time. I was much excited to go and finally experience, myself all the things my friends and family would talk about. One of the reasons I want to go to Mexico is because I want to see how my parents grew up there and go around and explore the place. I’m very excited because I would be able to tell my friends how it is in Mexico, since we’re always talking about it. As we get into Mexico I noticed a difference right away. The streets were different, the houses, the community was extremely different from back home. The roads were very bumpy and had holes in them, there was trash everywhere, and you could just feel the difference vibes around there compare to back home. As we started to get into Mexico I notice people on the side of the roads asking for help. There were parents with their children with no shoes, dirty clothes, starving, and just trying to get through the day. It got to me because it made me feel so thankful for the things…show more content…
It was around 6 o’clock and I see people were building a stage and I asked my parents why and they said they were going to have a band later. In my head I was thinking this was a huge thing for people here in Mexico. At this point I was excited to see what else they do. Another thing I found was really cool about the tradition is that they had a “Castillo”. A castillo is basically fireworks, but in the shape of something and in that case they put the name of our town and flowers around it with many designs. I loved how it looked turned on and how big it was. It was amazing experiencing all the things in Mexico and learning things they do as traditions and just spending time with family. Not everyone gets the opportunity to visit where they’re from for so many reasons. I can say I will most definitely will be
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