Personal Factors That Influence Consumer Behaviour

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The company named ‘‘Madeathome’’ is a small Irish run food business which is located at South Dublin. The company sells variety of home – made products including dinners, sauces, jams and homemade baking and they make these products to make life easier for the busier parents and families who value good food in the home. The company is looking to expand a business.
The key issues of the company is whether they should expand business into new stores or build a website and sell online.
2. Introduction
Marketing is the activity that the business use for promote and sell the products and service. In today’s business, the study of consumer behavior is very important form of marketing. Consumer behavior is all about how and why consumer make the
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These characteristics include person’s own decision, interest and opinion. When it comes to personal factors, purchasing behavior are influenced by age, occupation, economic condition, lifestyle and other personal issues.
The young people are not more concern to eat homemade food and they have different choice than others. For example in the same family the choice of each member could be different, some of the member eat homemade products and young kids more like to artificial products or has different choice. An old people are more concern on quality food and the young are more concern to taste so the reason personal factors can influence consumer behavior.
Occupation and Income
Occupation and income is the conclusive factor of consumer behavior and disposable personal income can influence the consumer behavior. If the consumer have high level of income they buy the products expensive one and the people who have less level of income buy the less cost products so the reason in the market there is available varieties of jam, bread or any products from €1 to €10 and from the level of income the consumer decides to purchase a product so Occupation and Income are also one of the factors that influence consumer
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Culture is critical when it comes to understand the consumer’s needs and behaviors.
a. Culture:
Culture refers to the set of values, ideas and social behavior of consumer. The influence of culture on buying behavior differ from region to region or country to country. As in ever families, the child is influenced by his/her parents, brother, sisters, and other family member from whom he/she learn what is wrong and right. Their family members teaches them about their religion and culture which helps them to follow same religion and culture and this will influence their purchase behavior. There are other factors like neighbors, friends or any people who are surrounded can influence the purchasing behavior.
The company is planning to market their products in other area or sell online, it can be relevant in their present location but it cannot be relevant in other region or place because they might find the products are different than their choice or they are loyal to other brand so there could be many reason that can influence consumer behavior.

b. Sub

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