Personal Family Interview

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Personal Family Interview
I am unable to interview a grandparent due to my grandparents on my mother’s side and my grandfather on my father’s side being deceased. My grandmother on my father’s side is currently in a rehabilitation facility for having fallen in December. Although I would have loved to interview her, she has been extremely busy with physical therapy in order to hopefully be placed back comfortably into her home. Due to this, I had to interview my father to hear about our heritage and some traditions that have been passed on throughout the years. I am excited to learn about my family’s history, and even more happy to share.
While interviewing my father, he mentioned that his father was from a small village in Poland and moved
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Although I am respectful of all religions, Catholicism has allowed me to flourish in life and always find good fortune in unforeseen circumstances. Among the many rituals that were practiced within our Catholic religion, we have always shown a significant amount of respect for all our religious holidays. Holidays have always been a very important ceremonial event that my family has forever gathered for. For example, once a year my family gathers together at church and then at home to celebrate one significant and special holiday, the birth of Jesus Christ. For some children, this holiday is filled with folktales of Santa Claus, his elves, and the reindeers that guide them, but for my family we were taught right from birth about the son of God, Jesus Christ, and the sum of the sacrifices he has endured for us. Most of these teaching were from various CCD classes, weekly church visits, and family stories. A second part of this tradition is to attend midnight mass to show respect for the birth of baby Jesus. These teaching are the largest part of my heritage, and I will continue these practices to a family of my own one
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