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These days, people do need coaches in their lives: personal health coach, personal business coach, personal tennis (or other sport) coach, and even the personal financial coach! These coaches provide invaluable guidance to make life easier and better. Anyway, you might know who personal health coaches, personal business coaches and personal tennis coaches are, and what they do. But do you know who personal financial coaches are, and what they do?
Well, to make it easier, let us first understand what or who a personal financial coach is not. All right, a personal financial coach is not your usual financial adviser or financial planner. Unlike a financial adviser or planner, a personal financial coach will not tell you to buy certain investment
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Financial stability, in a nutshell, means controlled debt, and availability of funds that would suffice for the living expenses of at least six months. If you are in debt and/or do not have enough reserve funds, your personal financial coach will address these matters first.
Your personal financial coach will need to know your current financial position – the entire income and expenditure status, including the assets as well as the debts or liabilities you have. They will also learn about your investments as well as various insurance policies you have. After learning these, they will want to discover what your priority goals are. After gathering all the information, you and your financial coach will form a pragmatic plan of action. The outcomes of this plan and your sincere efforts together will help you realize your personal financial goals and dreams.
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